About us


LumenFarm exists to give every member of the global economy the opportunity to make values-based purchasing decisions.

Our vision is to build a regenerative and inclusive economy that serves life.


We are a conscious impact-tech company with a team of tech and change entrepreneurs driven to meet the greatest challenges we face as a species.  We are people-first and infuse everything we do with empathic design.


We make it easy to purchase the products that match your values. Over time this changes the global economy by driving capital and scale to the producers that grow to embody our values.


Our technology empowers you with the best possible view of a product's DNA so you can make purchases that align with who you are and what is important to you. It works by finding the data that has previously been in the dark, revealing the facts that empower you to vote with your money.

“We don’t have time to work on the edges of the system. We need to make the system work for us.”

Donna Morton  |  Head of Impact