What if every purchase was a vote for the world you want?


Collective impact, scaled.

Technology and social innovation that scales like Amazon with the ethics of Patagonia

LumenFarm's social impact platform empowers consumers to make values-driven purchases and companies to continuously improve how well they align with those values. This virtuous cycle introduces a new market force, driving exponential growth of impact over time.

How it works


Tell us about your values when you install the LumenFarm browser extension or mobile app.     


We rate millions of products around the world using the best data available.


You see a rating at the point of purchase aligned with your personal values.


Collective Transformation

"By bringing transparency to our purchasing decisions, we can create a just, sustainable, diverse economy that works for everyone."

Frank Connolly  |  CEO


More conscious purchasing means stronger conscious businesses.

Do you want to know if there is a slavery-free alternative to your shirt? Vacation destinations without human trafficking? Cosmetics without toxic chemicals? Lumen makes it easy to purchase the most aligned products that match our values. Over time we change the economy by driving capital and scale to the best producers.


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